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Letter Discovery Card: Letter Aa

Letter Discovery Card: Letter Aa

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Young children learn well through repetition and play. Discovery Cards engage the senses and layer activities to enhance the learning experience. 

This discovery card focuses on counting, apple activities and building vocabulary starting with the letter A.

Create a learning routine to support short attention spans. Use the Discovery Card and support learning activities for a week and then move to a new Discovery Card. Return to this Discovery Card every few months and incorporate new support experiences to develop more advanced skills.

Each card is designed to name different elements and build vocabulary. Ask questions to encourage imagination and language skills. Allow the child to guide the exploration as much as possible. Each card features silly elements and elements that do not start with the letter to spark creativity, discussion and imaginative storytelling.

As letters are pointed out, name the letter and make the letter sound. For vowels, start with the short vowel sound and only advance to the long vowel sound as skills advance.  Focus on lower case letters at the beginning level and move to capital letters as the toddler advances.

These Letter Discovery Cards can be used to compliment toddler homeschool curriculum or at-home learning can revolve around the cards as the primary lesson. Because the cards are image based, toddlers can build vocabulary in multiple languages.

This printable is a two-sided, 11x17, full color document. The front side is a vibrant, colorful image created to spark learning. The back side is a lesson, for that specific Letter Discovery Card, designed to guide and scaffold learning. To reduce printing costs, the lesson (back side) can be printed without using color ink.

The contents of this printable will be delivered to you as a pdf document, ready to print, as a two-sided document for personal use only. Once purchased, print the document or re-print pages as frequently as you need to meet your individual needs. Please contact Pantry for Printables for permission to distribute beyond personal use.

Size Offered:

Tabloid Size: 11 in. x 17 in.
Larger Poster Size option coming soon
Please contact Pantry for Printables if interested in an alternative size

Story behind the design:

The Letter Discovery Cards were originally created for a very special mother of triplets. Having multiples opens up a whole new world. Finding ways to excite and explore learning concepts, with multiple busy and curious toddlers, presented a design challenge. Human development is a passion and learning happens at a very young age. Often, parents want to avoid screen time while still exploring letters and vocabulary. These Letter Discovery Cards are a cross between “seek and find” fun combined with letters and picture elements to spark conversation. Repetitive card use, for brief time frames, allows the toddler to build on previous learning.

Letter Discovery Cards would make unique gift ideas for toddler birthdays and holidays. Each card features learning concepts that can be supported with additional play. The lesson includes complimentary books to support the learning. Gifting the card and some complimentary books would make a great gift. Each Letter Discovery Card also outlines additional resources. Toys or games, that align with the lesson, could be a lot of fun. Imagine a “Cousin Camp” oriented around Letter Discovery Cards. Establish special grandparent time, relaxing and exploring Letter Discovery Cards. Build Letter Discovery Cards in to daily routines.   

Download Letter Discovery Cards to kickstart learning!

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