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Cue the Care Health Tracker Journal

Cue the Care Health Tracker Journal

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Are you a care giver for a loved one who is facing health challenges? Do you have medical and health information you need to log and track? The Cue the Care Healthcare Journal and Caregiver Guide has 26 unique pages and 58 total pages to support your healthcare goals.

Contents: Cover Page, Instructions with brief Medical Profile Log, (1) Medical History Tracker, (1) Diagnostic Tracker, (2) Symptom Log Pages, (2) Body Measurement Page Options, (2) Medical Procedures Tracker, (2) Recovery Recommendations Log, (2) Daily Vitals Tracker, (2) Weekly Vitals Tracker, (2) Body Function Tracker, (2) Medical Appointments Log, (12) Medical Appointment Calendar Page, (2) Questions for Medical Professionals Log, (2) Medical Milestones, (2) Daily Prescription Schedule, (2) Medical Supply Log, (2) Prescription Details Tracker, (2) Over the Counter Medication Tracker, (2) Medical Contact List, (1) Patient Portal, (1) Health Insurance Details Log, (2) Healthcare Bill Tracker, (2) Food Tracker, (2) Weekly Meal Planner, (2) Food Shopping List, (1) Emergency Contact List, Back Cover Page

The contents of this printable will be delivered to you as a pdf document, ready to print, as a two-sided document for personal use only. Once purchased, print the document or re-print pages as frequently as you need to meet your individual needs. Please contact Pantry for Printables for permission to distribute beyond personal use.

Product Features:

  • Minimal Design
  • Monochromatic – Greyscale to decrease printing costs

Size Offered:

Letter Size: 8.5 in. x 11 in.
Size options coming soon
Please contact Pantry for Printables if interested in an alternative size

Story behind the design:

The Cue the Care Healthcare Journal and Caregiver Guide was designed for a loved one who became a Radiation Therapist and wanted to support patient needs. The journal includes pages requested specifically from an Oncology Clinic. During the document design, a loved one went in to surgery for a brain tumor and another loved one started living with significant cognitive decline. Pages were included to help each of them plan and manage their healthcare needs. As life continues to happen, the Cue the Care journal will change and develop to meet people’s needs.

The Cue the Care Healthcare Journal and Caregiver Guide can also serve as a great resource for families welcoming a new member. Updating the journal, while a child grows and develops, will provide helpful information when seeking independent medical care as an adult.

This journal would also make a thoughtful gift. Combine a bound copy with other wellness or health items to support someone’s health care journey.

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